Parking Is an Issue, But the End Is In Sight


Mia Moser

During this year of school, there has been a lot of construction going on, making it hard for the parking to go smoothly. Students and staff have complained about traffic jams, but the administration has little control over the parking situation. When construction finishes at the end of the summer, these issues should end, but that doesn’t help students struggling to park now.

I spoke with one Sophomore about the parking. She had parked towards the band room that day, because she had early hour. She says it is not hard to park closer when you have early hour. I had asked her opinion on the current parking, and she says it is not built too well. The lines don’t really line up, and there aren’t arrows on the aisles, so there are people going to the aisles on the wrong side. She says if there was anything she would change about the parking, she would like to change the number of entrances to go along with the number of parking lots. This could be changed, but not until construction is complete. 

Finding a parking spot has been very difficult for students who drive to school. The overflow is so far away from the school, it makes students more late than usual. The way that the parking is set up, and not being able to find a spot, is leaving students to park in ditches, the middle of the road, and other non-parking. 

This can also lead to confusion in the way traffic flows in the streets or in the aisles of the parking lot. 

I also spoke with a Junior and she had a complication with the way parking was going for her. When I talked with her, she told me that she had come to school after her free period and couldn’t find a place to park. Since she was already running late to her 7th-period class, she had just parked in a random place out of the way of traffic. She was on her way to class after being really late, and as she got to her class, she was called down by the office to move her car. Her teacher just told her to go home, since she had 8th period free, and she would just do the work at home. 

This is a real parking issue and should be addressed, and I was curious as to how it was going to be fixed. I spoke with the assistant principal, Mr. Kleman, and he said that most of the issues with parking were because of construction. He also said that students were allowed to park in the south side parking lot, just not close to the central office building. While that does add more parking spots, it also means quite a bit of walking, and by the time the parking spots need to be used, students coming in are often already late. 

During our interview, I asked what the future would look like for the parking, and he said that they are still discussing the parking situation. One plan they would like to implement is to add in a specific lot for students that have Kirkwood classes or classes at BIG. 

For right now, the parking situation will still probably be an issue until the construction of the building is resolved. The administration had no control over the issues caused by construction equipment, but after construction is finished, the parking lot should be good to go. You also may be wondering why they can’t work on the parking right now. They will probably do it over the summer, because right now there is snow and cars driving on the parking lot, making it extremely hard to work on it. In the summer, there will be little to no cars on the parking lot, so they can renovate it. Construction is supposed to be done within the first week of next school year, so hopefully, it will be done, and there should be little to no traffic jams in the parking lot.