Prairie String Opportunities


Brooklyn Viall and Harper Haigwood

For awhile, Prairie has had an ongoing rumor that they might be getting an orchestra along with our other new additions. For clarity, it is official that there will not be any orchestra or string groups for Prairie. This is mostly due to the band and choir spotlight. Of course, that doesn’t exclude string instruments from participating in their bands.

The Prairie Symphonic Band has two violinists and can potentially make room for more string players if communicated with either of the band teachers, Mr. Oldenkamp or Mr. Jimmerson. 

Prairie Jazz Band also has opportunities for string instruments; including spots for double bass, bass guitar, and electric/acoustic guitar. So if you are a string player looking to play in any sort of group, Prairie still has great opportunities and is very flexible regarding where your dedicated instrument can be played. If you are interested, you can contact either Mr. Oldenkamp or Mr. Jimmerson, for further information.