Prairie Band Concert TONIGHT!


Mia Moser

Every year Prairie Band has three performances, not including the Pep band or Marching band. The next performance for the band is Thursday, February 13th at 7 pm. The band has worked extremely hard on the three pieces that the Symphonic band is going to play. Wind Symphony and the 9th-grade band will be playing as well. The Symphonic Band has been working on these pieces for roughly seventeen practices.


Prairie’s band concerts are quite a fun thing to go to. Yes, it is more or less sitting in the dark while your band plays (and it is rude to be talking), but when you start to enjoy the pieces of music, it becomes really fun. Prairie’s bands have worked extremely hard to get to a nice sound and be able to play the music exceptionally. Not to mention that you being there will make the band sound even better! The more people who come to concerts or performances,  the more the band gets hyped to play. You would also be supporting the freshmen, and encouraging them to continue to play and participate in band. At this performance they get to perform their concert along with Symphonic and wind Symphony bands. 


Everyone in the band is very excited to play on the tonight, and they can’t wait to see you there!