Black History Year


Janessa Marshall

Have you wondered about the posters hung up on the library doors? They are apart of a project started by Beyond the Bell. Beyond the Bell is a club started by Dan Johnson to teach about African American culture, and this month they started a project set to last all year long.. The Goal? To celebrate black history all year and not just one month. They’ve started out with door decorations and have begun to plan for the months to come.

Dan Johnson, the administrator of Beyond the Bell, sent an email out to high school and Point teachers to see who would like to have their doors decorated. The number is unknown as of now for Point doors, but there are 28 doors at the High School for BTB to decorate.

At the last meeting, students from Point and the High School started decorating posters to hang up on doors. For now, they can be found on the doors of the Library and there is also one on Frau Lillskau’s door.

On February 17th, this upcoming Monday, school will not be in session but Beyond the Bell will be. They plan to use the ample time to continue creating posters and get them posted around the school. All the research and designing is done by students, this way they are learning while informing others.

Mr. Johnson wants the students to “go past the first 21.”. He means there are the usual people in history who are talked about during black history month, but he wants students to expand to the unknown corners to people not as recognized for their historic accomplishments.

The hope is to get more recognition throughout prairie about black excellence and not only encourage African American students, but students of all different backgrounds to appreciate their history and take part in learning for themselves. SO the next time you see a poster on the wall stop and take a look, you might learn something new.