Upcoming Trends: Spring!

Upcoming Trends: Spring!

Mia Moser and Amarianna Booker-Camp

It’s the end of February, and spring is just around the corner. To start out the new spring fashion, our high school german teachers have created a baby blue crewneck sweatshirt. The sweatshirt has a design of a hedgehog, with a bright sky-blue balloon that says, “fly like an igel”. In German, the word for hedgehog is “igel” which is pronounced like “eagle”. So, if you are looking for cute new clothes for this season, this sweatshirt would be a nice fit for your closet. To order one, contact Frau Lillskau.

I have researched and have asked a few of my peers about the upcoming trends for this year’s spring. The feedback I have been given goes along great with the new german sweatshirts. 

For a girl, the style is baby blue blouses that are showy– but not too showy– or a tube top. You could match that with a pair of nice ripped jeans, white or black, and white Nikes or slip-on Vans.

For guys, grey Nike shorts with a white t-shirt to give it that athletic style. For accessories for the guys, consider a nice jacket– classy but not too classy–, possibly a jean jacket, and a gold chain to top it off. Pair that with Jordans, preferably Jordan retros, and you’ll achieve a look worth looking at.

We have also come up with a list for a gender-neutral look for this spring so no matter your preference you can be stylish when spring hits. This look is a white t-shirt with a jean jacket on top and a nice pair of blue or black jeans. Shoes could be Jordans, Nike Airforce Ones, or Vans.

This spring will be coming, and you should have nice new outfits to put in your closet –maybe the new german sweatshirt to go along with it!