Why YOU Should Take a Lifting Class

Why YOU Should Take a Lifting Class

Ty LaGrange, Sports Editor

Strength training is a road trip, you get to learn new movements that can help your health in the long run. The health benefits for weight lifting are not just to get bulky and strong, Weightlifting can actually improve stuff like sleep which is crazy because as students many of us only get around 6 hours of sleep which is not healthy for a high school student. 

The health benefits aren’t the only things that should make you want to start lifting. Enrolling in a strength class could possibly make you some new friends. Lifting everyday could also lead you to a new hobby and lifting would be a healthy hobby. My favorite things about lifting are my friends, starting a relationship with the upperclassmen and being able to get stronger. 

Most people see strength training to be serious, this is only true in some ways. If you are training for an event you might want to be serious about lifting but in this case I am talking about lifting at school. For me, in the morning I have to lock it in because it’s the off-season and I’m trying to get stronger like many other athletes. However after school on days where I don’t have lifting in the morning some of my buddies will lift with me. We can joke around a little bit and just lift. Don’t get me wrong we are still trying to get stronger but after school lifting just hits different. 

I also can use lifting to get stuff of my mind, sometimes I will be stressed because of tests or something like a presentation. Lifting definitely will take those stressors off my mind. If lifting will take some of my stress away I bet lifting will work for you. Just pop in your headphones with some music playing and lift, nothing can stop you because you will be in your own world. 

I also believe that weightlifting will help with some discipline. An example would be squatting, in order to gain the most out of a squat you need to keep the weight on your heels which is hard for many people. Matter of fact I have the problem with my left foot. Keeping the weight on your heels are not just all you need to do, you need to be able to drop down until your knees hit lower than 90 degrees to get the most out of the lift. 

These are some reasons why I believe YOU should start to hit the gym and lift. Honestly I even support you if you go to the gym to get some cardio in, going to the gym doesn’t just mean lifting! Hopefully I have made you think about possibly joining some type of lifting class!