A Very Prairie Halloween

Chloe Parrish

It is the beginning of October and Halloween is right around the corner! Over the centuries, Halloween has transformed from once being a ritual to now being celebrated by parties, costumes, carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating, and many other activities in which kids and adults participate in. 

Many countries and different parts of the world celebrate Halloween, yet there are still places and cultures that don’t take part in the holiday. In countries such as the U.S, Ireland, and Canada, this holiday is celebrated through pranks, games, and costume parties. While other places such as Mexico and other Latin American countries, “Halloween” is called the Day of the Dead that honors deceased ancestors and loved ones. They do this by visiting and spending time at their loved ones cemeteries and decorating the graves.


So what does Halloween look like for our students here at Prairie High School? We asked Junior Kenzie Finn:

Q: What does Halloween look like for you? How do you celebrate it?

A: Halloween to me looks very spooky with fun lights and activities. I celebrate Halloween by hanging out with my family watching scary movies or, some years, going to haunted houses. 


Q: What’s your favorite part about Halloween?

A: The activities we get to do and going to haunted houses 


Q: What’s your favorite activity to participate in for this holiday?

A: Going to Bloomsbury Farm and getting pumpkins to carve


Comment below with your favorite Halloween activities!