Opinion: Climate Change Is Real, and Something Needs to Be Done.


Photo by William Bossen on Unsplash

Mia Moser

Photo by William Bossen on Unsplash


 With climate change, It is very serious and a few ways to fix it are, by holding companies accountable for their awful ways of power and encouraging them to use renewable sources like air or water. Another way is by you cutting down the amount of beef you buy and eat. I know that climate change is real and is a serious issue we need to address. Climate change has been happening for years and the only thing to fix it is we, humans. Climate change is a very real topic and we can’t avoid it any longer we need to take action and the polar bears are dying.

I remember when I was a smaller child that we would have announcements and assemblies of adults coming to the school and teaching us about climate change. They would tell us things like “change your lightbulbs” or “turn the water off while you brush your teeth” and then it grew worse at the assemblies “use reusable water bottles and grocery bags” and people going on vacation to go and clean up beaches. The arguments my family has had about it being real or not while watching the news of politicians arguing about the issue have been non-stop. Then came the fires and sea levels rising, storms that were never thinkable to mankind, and the oil drilling and spills. Now the push to prevent climate change has videos and petitions to save all of the animals in the arctic, specifically polar bears. Honestly, I think sometimes we’re too late to save the planet we have destroyed. The only way to save the planet now is for big corporations to switch to renewable energy that way the drilling of the ocean and other countries for oil can stop.

The other way we can stop or at least slow climate change is by cutting down the amount of CO2 we put in the air. One thing that produces an excessive amount of carbon dioxide is cows. When cows open their mouths, they release methane which is a more potent form of carbon dioxide. If we cut back on the amount of beef products we consume, that will reduce the number of ranches for cows and the need for cow products will decrease, as well as the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere.

Personally, I know that climate change is real. The way we can fix these issues is by having very large corporations change to renewable energy and us as a whole stop consuming as many beef products.


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