Rejoining Together

Shayla Franck, News Editor

Rejoining is something new to everyone, with the classes and students conjointly coming together and no longer being either half or fully online causing some line of stress. Having everyone back is very nerve-racking to many people, completely different than what the year has been like at the beginning and something everyone is still trying to adjust to. 

Bringing everyone back all at once has put everyone in quite the position. Negative feelings like anxiety and dread are felt by most everyone, though many others are also happy with this. Being able to see their friends and learning with everyone else has gotten some others to have a positive attitude towards what is happening in the school. With both sides mixing together, both positive and negative, an array of emotions showing through every one of us in the building, students and staff alike. 

Personally, I’m not too excited about it, myself. For me, there are too many people compacted together in a building that we won’t be able to effectively distance ourselves in. Not to mention having a few Covid outbreaks also worrying a few people, including myself. I was very surprised that the school brought us all back at once instead of staying on the Hybrid Schedule. With the extended amount of people in the school, socially distancing is a lot harder and is nearly impossible. 

It could be considered selfish in a way, though I’m just expressing this through both myself and what many others feel as well. No matter who, everyone has their own opinions about coming together. Whether they like or dislike it, it’s entirely on them. 

We’ve had quite a bit of craziness for the most part. With coming back and having to be all together. Classes are packed, students are overflowing the classrooms and hallways, and there’s more of a risk in general. 

How do you feel about coming back altogether?