Social Experimentation

Shayla Franck

What would you do if a random person came up to you and you didn’t know them? Would you greet them? If they spoke to you, would you reply with words or an expression of sorts? Or would you ignore them and think it’s normal? 

Social Experimentation is something that lets you learn how others will react to different scenarios. Some are on the more extreme side of the scale, while others are more harmless. Some targets of this little research option will react in a certain way, while others simply do not. It may be fake, of course, but the targets never truly know of that factor. The more popular choices for people who conduct these experiments are usually kidnapping, abuse, and being lost or disoriented. Most people don’t help because they believe that it’s simply not their business. Interference is also an action not taken by many others for multiple reasons, whether it’d be fear, anxiety, or the lack of caring, anything can be an excuse in most cases including Social Experimentation. 

On the simpler side of this, what do you think you would do if a stranger came up to you and started to try conversing? Personally, if this were to be me, I would honestly get a little spooked. As someone who is not good at interacting with others, I would most likely not like this. If a random person just came up to me, as if they knew me in some way, and started talking to me, I don’t believe I would talk back to them out of anxiousness. I would most likely think they’d want something, too. 

Think of it, a stranger, someone you don’t know, came up to and started talking to you for an unknown reason. How would you react? Do you think you’d take it well? Reply, maybe? Stay silent?