Approaching the End

Shayla Franck, Feature Editor

With the end of the year approaching, especially for us seniors, and as well as prom, the year is going by quite quickly. For us Seniors, the year is rolling together in a big, anxiety-inducing ride. Mostly for the class of 2021, we’re trying to get everything done and on time, as well as thoughts of what college and what path we want also coming very, very quickly for us. With the school coming in for everything, along with the seniors getting ready to move and go off on their own, away from family, friends, and for some, the state of Iowa itself. 

College is very important, and for those graduating in May, it’s a huge step, especially for those who don’t know what they may want in life. The road is long and difficult, it has been for a while now, so for us Seniors to go off once done with High School, many will go different ways and no one has the same idea of what they want in life. For those of you wanting to know and find where you want to go in life, please do not fret and think about what you may enjoy. And if you find you don’t want or like it, no worries. Pick yourself back up and don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone! 

Personally, I’m in this boat. For a while, I thought I knew what I wanted in life and planned out everything from the end of High School to the end of the four-year college. I was willing to go through a lot to get to where I wanted to be. However, this did not stick. I started rethinking everything and wondered if what I wanted was really that. I have been confused with everything and haven’t even picked out a true path that I wanted to go down. With my family even knowing what I wanted to do and some of them believing in me, I never knew how to bring up what I really wanted to do, especially after a few job shadows that I’ve done. Few of my teachers knew that passion that I had surrounding what I wanted, but now that I’m not even sure, I can’t particularly say what I want. 

But not knowing what you want is perfectly fine. Though we think that our paths have to be chosen by graduation, that’s not always the case. We don’t automatically know who or what we want to be. “We have our whole lives ahead” we have been told, but now that graduation is slowly coming up and the stress seems to be piling on, some of us are being told that “we can’t keep stalling” or that “we have to know” right away. How can we do this, exactly? Some of us won’t know what will and will not work out, but no matter what, remember to keep pushing and not to let anyone decide your life. Because you are the master of your own future, and only you can choose how it goes.