Over and Done

Shayla Franck, Feature Editor

With the year finally coming closer and closer, we’ll see as our seniors leave and our underclassmen move up. The school year has been a wild ride for many of the students and teachers, and though some may be upset about it, many are relieved. 

For the seniors, we are going out in the world for real this time. Whatever our plans may be, whether it be college, straight into work, moving away from the state, or their home area, the possibilities of what will happen with us are almost unlimited. It’s very scary once you stop and think about it, actually. Not being able to see our friends all the time, and being away from them as well as our families, possibly stepping outside our comfort zones, but also finding out that our lives are truly beginning from the moment we graduate. Sounds eerie, doesn’t it? 

With the Seniors’ final days now in the single digits, it won’t be long for us now. The real world is a hassle and it’s definitely hard, which we’ve found out already due to the jobs we have and the colleges we’re planning on going to ensure our hopes of getting to where we want to go in the future. 

Graduation is approaching quickly and it’s honestly very scary for those in the Class of 2021. This also does include myself. I’m still very unsure of who I am as a person and I’m certain that many others are like this, too. Once in the real world, and possibly gaining full independence, it’s very nerve-racking, to say the least. But graduation is coming no matter how much we want it to take its time and slow down enough to get everything in order. Not everyone has any idea what they want, and though some may consider that bad or unprepared, it will play out as it will. 

Graduation is the day everything passes and we seniors realize that we have finally made it. Throughout everything that has happened, everyone will make it and will succeed in what they’re pursuing, even if they don’t exactly know what their goal is. For most, graduation was the goal, and now that the day is very near, it’s time for us to ship out and let our juniors take center stage as seniors for their own graduation next year. 

Good luck Class of 2021!! We’re all possibly going to need it.