Prairie Volleyball is Stronger than Ever Despite Recent Losses

Hailee Mackey and Brendan Pock, Sports Jornalist

Prairie Girls’ Volleyball faced off against Cedar Falls at Cedar Falls High School on September 11th in a non-conference match.

The Prairie Hawks tried their best but despite their efforts still faced a crushing defeat against Cedar Falls. (3-0)

With a record of 10-7 during 2017, this year’s Seniors are going to have to step it up and teach some of the young blood a few skills. This way the  Girls’ Volleyball legacy may be carried on for what’s left of this season and the start of 2019 girls volleyball.

The Seniors are teaching the Underclassmen how to communicate and collaborate well with the team. Senior player Abby Wahlert said, “The varsity team has grown a lot since last season and we have been working hard on our communication.”

The girls have trained since last season, now it’s just time to sit back and enjoy the show.