Prairie Time and Hawk Time- Why the Change?


Jamison Day and Jamison Day

The change to Prairie Time and Hawk Time confused many students, but the reason was simpler than everyone thought.

Prairie Time and Hawk Time used to be Homeroom And Enrichment. Homeroom, where students would work together on state required education, while enrichment was where people went to a class to learn more about a subject or self-teach.

After asking Principal Erik Anderson why the faculty changed the name, he replied: “We wanted to engage, inspire, and empower, and that all lead up into a shift in the name,” and, “It’s a subtle difference, but a huge change in mindset.”

Math teacher Mr. Van Hemert said: “Students would come in without anything to do and there would be no focus on anything productive. We needed to start over and refresh: a new name is a good way to restart.”

Senior Wyatt Burns said: “It does not affect me; it’s just Prairie Time.”

Anderson told us: “We are developing specific goals we never thought of before.”

After Interviewing Principal Erik Anderson the new reasons for the change gave us at Hawk Talk News a new outlook.