Best Dressed At Prairie

Best Dressed At Prairie

Khadija Pemba , Entertainment

School’s back in session, so you know what that means, NEW OUTFITS. When students wake up every day, they have to find an outfit.

Sometimes we wake up feeling lazy or tired, so we dress like that. Other days we wake up feeling good, so we put on something that makes us feel confident.

Teachers are also on the trend of fashion. Unlike students, they are more on the professional route. Yet, they keep the trend going.

Even though they still have their lazy days too, they still want to jazz up their look.

So far here are the best-dressed fits of PHS, Mrs.Smith (Math Teacher) and student Terrionna Frazier (Junior)“ When I wake up in the morning I just go with the flow. I get dressed based on how I feel”


“The hardest part of my morning routine, is doing my hair. That is one battle to fight in the morning”