Almost Maine, Coming To A Prairie Near You


Nicole Adams, Isabella Engel , and Emma Huang

Forty-five kids crowded around the sheet of paper outside of the school library on the 14th of September, peering to see if they got into the Fall Play: Almost, Maine, directed by Kami Hill. The auditions were held on the 12th and 13th and out of the 45 kids, only 19 got in.


According to Hill, auditions went wonderfully. Hill said, “I am incredibly proud of every single person who came out, and every single person who came out should be proud of what they presented, regardless of what happens with casting.”


Hill encourages every student who auditioned to keep coming back and to get involved with the play in another way. Whether it be in crew, building the set, pulling costumes, or helping put up posters, there are unlimited ways to help get the fall play up and running.


Almost,Maine is a unique production with eight ten-minute scenes and only two characters per scene. The whole play centers on the theme of love.


On why she chose this play, Hill said, “It’s so cute and so funny. It’s so absurd and not real, but at the same time really relatable.”


Another factor of choosing the play is that it is easily packed up. Like last year, the fall play will be taking place in the high school library due to construction on the theater. Therefore the play needed to have a simple set, which Almost, Maine does.


“We could put [the set] in Rubbermaid tubs and store it in the storage room and then bring it out at rehearsal. It doesn’t need to be set up all the time,” Commented Hill.


Because the library has a completely different structure than a theater, Kami Hill and set designer, Dennis Hull, had to get a little creative. The set will consist of masking flats on hinges, so the set can be folded up, and easily switched from scene to scene. They are also playing with lighting, as the Northern Lights are featured within the play a number of times.


Hill said: “We have the sloping ceiling that we are going to play around with lighting on and see if we can get some Aurora Borealis going on in the library.”


The play debuts Nov. 9th and 10th in the High School library.