If Music Be The Spirit Of Prairie

Then Play On


Evelyn Weisenstine, Sports and Entertainment

Let’s set the scene: it’s Friday night. It’s a home game. The crowd is cheering on their cherished football players. The cheerleaders are pulling out all the tricks to keep the energy up, the players are hustling and doing everything they can to honor the title of a Prairie football team.

But what about the band?

They spend hours of hard work piecing together shows for our entertainment, but when their time comes to shine and show off their hard work comes up, we all dash for the concessions. Not many of us really watch what is going on and they notice.

It takes hours for these talented students to learn the complex language of music and to put together an attractive show for us.

To quote Isabella Engel, a flute player: “Some people think we don’t work as hard, or we are not as important as the sports team. But we work just as hard for something for them.”

We as the crowd and supporters have a big role, we have to stay engaged and cheer them on like the players themselves.

The band kids feel our support and push themselves harder and make their performance even better, making us enjoy it even further. It’s a repetitive cycle, we enjoy it, they work harder and enjoy it, we enjoy it more, and so on.

Quoting Oldenkamp, band director: When the audience is having fun, we have fun. He talked about how the show becomes better and better when the audience enjoys and participates in the performance. The band loves it and gets even further into their performance giving everything to keep the emotions high. Sound familiar?

Mr.Jimmerson, another band director, commented: It’s just like any other activity, we want to be appreciated for the time we put in.