Prairie Football Facilities


Ashton Phelps, Sports journalist

A new cafeteria and classrooms aren’t the only upgrades coming to Prairie High School- within the next few years, you should expect new facilities coming to the Prairie Football program.


Following the construction of the nearly $400 Thousand dollar locker room, Coach Mark Bliss hinted at a future indoor facility in the works.


Bliss commented on the outstanding financial support from the Booster Club and community; “In reference to the support, it’s a really cool thing compared to the past schools I’ve been to.”


He also had comments about the features of the new indoor facility near Prairie View, He said; “It will have 80 yards of football turf and 20 yards of space for other equipment like batting cages…”


Bliss explained how this will be a huge benefit for all outdoor sports. The need to schedule gym times for bad weather conditions will no longer be needed due to a nearly full football field being under a rooftop.  Bliss also added that summer practices will be easier on players because of the ability to practice in air conditioning.


When interviewing Prairie’s athletic director Rocky Bennett about the upcoming indoor facility, he said: “I’m in meetings about (the indoor facility) as of right now, we’re hoping it gets finished in Fall of 2019, but that’s not for sure.”