Green Bandanas for Hope


Green Bandana project.

Ashton Phelps, Staff Writers


Following the heartbreaking suicide of the class of 2018’s Garrett Farr, Prairie high school has increased its mental health and suicide prevention support. One of these ways is the Green Bandana Project.

The Green Bandana Project is a movement that educates students to be a helping hand towards those who are battling mental illnesses. Students wear green bandanas on their backpacks to indicate that they are safe to reach out to.

Green Bandana meetings were held on September 26th and 27th, following the announcement of the movement at Prairie high school.

The meetings were held by Foundation 2 members, educating students on situational awareness with suicidal or mentally ill peers.  Other members supporting Prairie’s movement are the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Project Safe CRCA, which was founded by Garrett’s father.

Prairie students filled the room showing support for peers suffering from depression and suicide.  Students were only one part of the equation, teachers who vowed to be “Safe Adults” also joined the meeting like Prairie’s counselor, Mrs. Amunson.

On the progress of mental health at Prairie, Mrs. Amunson stated; “In the last year or two the mental health awareness has improved, supporting initiatives with The Green Bandana Project and three other agencies have stepped in to help support and educate students.”