Fields Gives to our Field


Logan Kalous, Staff Writer

He is everybody’s favorite student, the biggest smile in the hallway, and one of the most patriotic kids to graduate from Prairie High School. Even better, he has hit us right in the heart once again with the kindness straight from his.


David Fields, a former student of Prairie High School has used his own money to buy our community a brand new flag. The flag is a 12ft x 18ft and was announced and taken on the field at our first home game of the 2018 season.


Marcus Kegley, a Sergeant First Class, helped David carry the huge flag on the field. Along with his Best Buddies friends and other military personnel.


“Our Nation’s flag to me stands for everything I believe in. I’ve sacrificed 18 years of my life doing everything I can to defend the Stars and Stripes. To carry our nations flag on to Prairie Hawks football field that evening was a honor and a privilege,” Kegley said.


“David Fields is one special person. I had the privilege to meet him his sophomore year at Prairie,” said Kegley. “From the first moment we met, David snapped right to the position of attention and saluted me. Then he challenged me to push-ups.”


“David by far is the most patriotic person I’ve ever met. I’d see him in the halls with his mini American flag, flying proudly out of his backpack. David always salutes when we see each other.”


“I have the utmost respect for this man and have learned more about the quality of life from him.” Marcus stated, as we closed the interview.

It is incredible the impact this young man has on people. The Prairie community will enjoy the beautiful flag waving over our football field for years to come.


From everybody at Prairie, we say thank you to David Fields.