Destruction, Construction, What’s Happening To Prairie High School?

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Destruction, Construction, What’s Happening To Prairie High School?

Kirk Hulseberg and Jamison Day

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Facing bigger class sizes than ever before, Prairie High School is making a change. New and improved sections are being made, changing the school in a construction effort that will last from 2018 to 2020. So what is being added, improved, or destroyed?


“The team [Larson Construction] worked multiple hours and overtime to build the new cafeteria and the new science rooms for the new school year,” Construction manager Chris Henschel said.

The demolishment of the old band and choir room will be replaced with the new office entrance. Along with 17 new rooms being added later in the construction, that will include the new band and choir rooms that have more acoustics and sound barriers for better performance.


A heightened security to keep students safe will be put in place, with the only entrance being where the old band and choir rooms use to be. “The new office will have a panic button in case of a school shooter or etcetera,” Chris said.


There will be new learning rooms like the T.I.L.E  room where teachers work hands-on with students to help them learn. “The idea of a T.I.L.E room standing for technology, integrated, learning, environment,” Principle Erik Anderson said.  


“I haven’t had experience on what smooth should be and I am very proud of the construction,” Anderson said.


With construction slated to end in 2020.