Little Kids Making a Big difference, One Sock at a Time!



Riley Sauser , Journalist

The average person owns 17 pairs of socks, but at Prairie, the number of pairs ranges anywhere between 40 to 200. For homeless people, it is not always that simple. Prairie Heights has taken on the task of collecting and donating socks by holding their first ever Socktober, a month-long event.


“It’s something fun to do because I am filling people with joy,” Austin said, a third grader at Heights.


With the motto for this month at Heights being, “LITTLE kids can make a BIG difference”, they are trying to accomplish just that. Some kids are even going beyond their school’s expectations by doing a little extra this month to help those in need.


Evan, also a third-grader at Heights, has been putting ten dollar bills into the socks he has been donating.


“Turning in the socks makes me feel good, but giving money makes me feel great,” Evan explained after turning in his first couple pairs of socks.


A reward for helping others by donating these socks throughout the month is letting the kids be a little crazy on Friday’s. Keeping with the theme, every Friday the students at Heights get to wear their craziest socks.


Emily, a student at heights, excitedly shared, “Getting to wear my koala socks with grey fuzzy pom poms on them makes me want to jump up and down.”


Prairie Heights goal is to collect 500 pairs of socks throughout the month and they are asking for your help.


Let’s spread the word and get new pairs of socks over to Heights to help them reach their goal!