Carrie Swart


Ashton Phelps, Journalist

Carrie Swart, a wife, and mother of three, has been a history teacher at Prairie High for 12 years.  Mrs. Swart’s hometown is Nichols, Iowa where she lived for 18 years until she graduated high school.  


During Mrs. Swart’s high school tenure, she had a “horrible history teacher” which fueled her passion to teach.  After graduating from high school, Mrs. Swart attended the University of Iowa to continue her teaching career.


Before teaching at Prairie she spent 10 years teaching at Vinton Shellsburg.  Mrs. Swart’s advice for future teachers is “(to) teach because you’re passionate and not just for the summers off.”


Mrs. Swart’s advice for future students of her’s is; “I hope to influence them to have an appreciation for history, that I will set high expectations for them, and will work with them every step of the way to meet those expectations.”