Paige Beatty: Teacher During the Day, Dance Teacher at Night


Ms. Beatty helps a student.

Hailee Mackey, Journalist

Paige Beatty has taught history at Prairie High School for four years while teaching Psychology for three years. She graduated from UNI with a teaching degree and immediately gained a position at Prairie High School.


Beatty has one younger brother, a family dog named Clark, and a boyfriend who she has been with for eight years.


After Beatty’s classes have ended for the day, she oversees the JV Poms team at Prairie and goes to football games and competitions with them. She also enjoys teaching mini dance classes for seven and eight-year-olds. Besides dance, another pastime of hers is going to music events and concerts whenever she can.


One of her favorite things about school is watching students grow.


“I like to teach Social Studies because I love learning about how people have changed society over time. I think it’s empowering to see students connecting the past with the present, and realizing that they too can be a force for social change.”  Beatty said.


In History, it’s especially important because one has to analyze everything. By doing this one gains many skill sets that are needed for jobs, sometimes without even knowing it.


The advice she wants to give to her students is that you should always communicate with your teachers, get to know them as people and never be afraid to ask questions.


“Never let anyone make you think that it’s not okay to not understand something and make you feel like you can’t get help, Beatty said.