PHS Parking


Parking ticket.

Alyssa Mulherin, Journalist

Prairie High school students and teachers faced new changes not only in their school, but also in their parking lot.


The current construction located on the front of the high school has taken up more than two rows of parking for students. This caused a change in parking locations. With those crucial rows gone, there are now fewer spots for students and staff.


Ron Harrelson is one of the three school safety monitors at Prairie High School.


It (S lot spaces) has to do with how many students we are actually dealing with. We thought we could accommodate the Sophomores much better in what we call the S Lot,” Harrelson said.


Parking in the assigned location for your grade while having your pass up means not getting a parking ticket.


Parking tickets are just a reminder of the expectations that we need to follow,” Harrelson said


Tickets are not being handed out for fun, they are for helping students understand that driving to school and having a place to park on campus is a privilege.


“It doesn’t give me any pleasure to write anybody a ticket, because they are a monetary fee,” Harrelson said.


Along with the sudden change for students, less parking tickets have been handed out than last year. Mr. Harrelson suspects the tickets have dropped because he has the ability to be in the lots more often now.


However, students are still holding back.


“If a student receives more than three tickets, regardless whether it be in the staff lot, no permit, or not getting his or her vehicle registered in time; we can now tell a student they cannot park in that lot anymore, and to park in the overflow lot.”


Mr. Harrelson hopes that students take these things into consideration, to make their life outside of high school easier. The rules that students have in school are all to help prepare us for life past Prairie.


“If some of the students have an issue, have them talk to me. Maybe with us talking one on one, maybe we can figure out what the real problem is. We want you to understand what is really going on here because out there, we can’t help you,” Harrelson said.