The Nun Review

The Nun Review

The newest installment of the Conjuring series had some boastful hype behind its marketing, but could director Corin Hardy and The Warner Bros do more than just bark?  


The Nun was released September 6th, 2018 and had made over $40 million during the release weekend. Prior to the release of the Nun, it was claiming to be “too scary” after a commercial which contained a jumpscare was taken off of YouTube.  


The Nun takes place in 1952 after a nun from the abbey in Romania kills herself. Sister Irene and Father Burke are sent to the abbey by the Vatican to investigate this rare occurrence.


The movie was overall a great example of creepy, but not scary. The atmosphere was the most appealing part of the film, the abbey was a truly terrifying looking place that no sane man would step foot in. The fog and eerie forest along with the special effects were believable, which I expect out of a $22 million film.  


The biggest problem with the Nun is its lack of original storytelling.  Everything about the characters seems so cliche, something happens which reminds them of their past which they tell out loud with a cliche flashback. The story itself is very believable and good to an extent it’s just the way it’s delivered that lacks.


Another aspect which was disappointing was the lack of actual intimidation. Jump scares are extremely overused and never do any actual harm to the characters. Movies like Hellraiser psychologically terrify the viewer with gruesome images and things so alien to the viewer’s mind that it terrifies them. The Nun uses cliche camera pans and jump scares to scare the viewer, which work but only to a certain extent.


Something I would have liked to see from The Nun is more psychological scares. A movie like this is just a demon cross-dressing as a Nun appearing out of nowhere, grabbing the protagonists and then disappearing.


Overall The Nun was just a bark without any bite, I would rate it 5/10 on my rating scale.  If you enjoy jump scares and eerie atmosphere, you should give The Nun a try. If you’re looking at it for the story, I would give it a pass or rent it for cheap.