Student Built Housing

Mid-construction of a house.

Mid-construction of a house.

Brendan Poock, Journalist

Another year has passed and another house has been built by the kids of the Student Built House program.


Student-Built House is a program run by James Nelson, it’s a very self-explanatory program on the surface. Students build a house and someone buys it, but it is just a bit more than that.


“This program is meant to help students prepare for a future career in construction or a trade related to it,” Nelson said.


The house is started at the beginning of the school year to the end normally before senior presentations. The Students building the house enjoy the process as much as the product.


Senior Shawn Wille said: “The best part of a student-built house is getting to work with other students as a team when we focus we can get the job done really quick.”


Several of the students believe the program has helped them prepare for the future. Senior Luke Vaske said: “The program is very helpful, I knew I wanted to do something in construction and this program helped me solidify that.”


The program provides a unique experience for students involved and many of them realize this.

By the time the house is built many kids know that they want a career in construction or a field related to it.


For the past decade, Student Built House has existed as a tool for students to get real-world experience and will continue for the indefinite future.