Mrs. Clark


Alyssa Mulherin, Journalist

Noel Clark, a staff member of nine years at Prairie High School shares where her love from science comes from.


Mrs. Clark teaches Earth and Space, along with Physics at the High School. Ever since she was a young girl she has had a love for science.


“I always liked science when I was a kid, and I remember being shocked in fourth grade when we took a test over volcanoes and everybody did really bad on the test but I got all the questions right. I remember thinking: I really must like science,” Clark said.


Originally a meteorologist, Mrs. Clark realized teaching was something she might like.


“One of the parts of the job that I liked the most was visiting schools, and doing school talks and I just loved going back and seeing what kind of projects students were working on, and I loved answering their questions. I loved talking to real people,” Clark said.


She then attended the University of Iowa to get her teaching degree.


Mrs. Clark said that A big reason she switched to teaching was because she enjoyed interacting with students.


“The thing I love the most is when students ask questions because if they ask questions that means they’re thinking about the earth, or they’re thinking about space, or whatever it is that we are studying and that is the most important thing,” Clark said.


Throughout her school years, she remembers how much she liked science.


“It’s hard to pinpoint one single thing that I loved about science, I guess I always just really liked the “why?” of science. Why do volcanoes erupt? Why do we have seasons? and why does the earth spin?” Clark said.


As a mother of two boys, Noel Clark wonders if her love of science might be rubbing off on them. Mrs. Clark’s youngest son seems to be taking an interest in this as well.


“At his preschool graduation, all the kids showed little things of what they wanted to be when they grow up. My youngest said that he wanted to be a scientist.”  Clark said.