The Trio


Basketball court.

Riley Sauser , Journalist


As the basketball season begins Mallory McDermott, Sidney Mcrea, and Sarah Schmitt are preparing for another successful season. With the Hawks making a run last year, the returning three are ready to lead the team again this year.


“Working together off the court as well as on the court helps bring the whole team together,” McDermott said.


The three have been playing basketball together since freshman year and continue to build their own chemistry, as well as the team’s as the seasons pass by.


“If we play off of each other, we can play off of everyone else,” Mcrea said.


The three not only work outside of practice to develop their own skills, but they also work to make the whole team better and more successful.


“We shoot every day outside of practice and lift to get stronger together,” Schmitt said.


As Schmitt prepares to go into her last of basketball as a Prairie Hawk, she prepares to continue her basketball career at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Knowing this, she is taking every opportunity she can get to help her team in this coming season.


“What the three have taught me as a Coach and how to expand my abilities is huge,” Coach Bentley said.


The work that the ladies put in to be better basketball players – and even people – does not go unnoticed.


The team is coming off one of their best seasons in school history. Coach Bentley is looking forward to seeing one of the three finish off with a strong senior season and help her teammates prepare for the future.


“The three make the whole team better by pushing their teammates and creating a competitive spirit,” Coach said.