Mr. Gass

Mr. Gass

Megan Steffens, Journalist

Jason Gass is part of the Prairie High School Math Department and he continues to teach Geometry and Advanced Algebra for his second year now.


Prairie is Mr.Gass’ first school where he is a permanent staff member. He has been at Prairie for three years now. His first year was spent student-teaching and substituting for another teacher in the building. Before Prairie, Mr. Gass was substitute teaching around Cedar Rapids.


“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but it took some time to get into it,’’ Gass said.


He started college at UNI in 2008, wanting to become a Business Education Teacher. Later, Mr. Gass came to Cedar Rapids and transferred to Mount Mercy University. At Mount Mercy he learned it would be quicker to graduate there if he was going to switch to a Business Administration Degree; he took that path instead.


He did a few jobs with the business administration before returning to school for teaching. Overall Mr. Gass did three years at UNI, one semester at Hawkeye Community College, two years at Mount Mercy for Business Administration and another two years at Mount Mercy for his education degree.


Mr. Gass is not only certified to teach business and math, he is also certified to coach. Starting this fall, he will be the assistant coach for Sophomore Boys’ Basketball.


In Mr. Gass’ free time he likes to spend time with his three-legged dog Louie. He also plays a few sports including golf, basketball and occasionally disc golf. He enjoys playing card games such as Up and Down the River, Euchre, and Poker with friends. Mr. Gass likes to going to the movies and binging Netflix when he has the time.


Most importantly, Mr. Gass enjoys the people he works with and the amazing students that go to Prairie.