Preparing for High School and Beyond

Preparing for High School and Beyond

Hailee Mackey, Journalist


So many seniors at Prairie High School are anxiously waiting and hoping they get into the college of their dreams. There will be tears and excitement for some, while for others there will be disappointment. No matter the case, thanks goes to our counselors for all the help they have given us.


The counselors at Prairie High School start making sure kids are prepared for college after their junior year has ended. They make sure every kid knows where to apply for scholarships, financial aid, making sure they meet deadlines for ACT’s, and remind them what courses to take to prepare for college.


Approximately 40-45% students from Prairie go to a two-year college, with 30-35% going to a four-year college, with about 10% going to the military or workforce.  


“The hardest thing about getting kids to apply for college is to make them understand that deadlines are very important even if they think they don’t apply to them,” Counselor Steven Stumpff said.


For the kids that aren’t sure of what to go to college for, Stumpff advises them to do three things: first, doing a college finder to find their likes and dislikes. Second, going to a cheaper college – like Kirkwood – and get general education classes out of the way. Third, do as many job shadows and internships as possible.


Unfortunately, even though schools don’t want to admit it, there are kids that decide to drop out.   However, Prairie High School only has a 5-7% dropout rate.


“School won’t be for everybody, but you can always go to Kirkwood and find your passion there, but no matter what, you will find something that is right for you,” Stumpff said.