Time Flies by…

Time Flies by…

Kirk Hulseberg, Journalist

Teachers have come to this school and have left, but there are teachers who’ve stayed here to help children. One of them is Mr. William Swart.


“This is almost my twenty-first year working here,” said Swart. He has worked hard to help kids with specific subjects like math, science, reading and more for those 21 years and has hope for every student to succeed.


Swart became a teacher because of the people who inspired him: his mother and father that lead him to become a teacher.


“A hobby for me is coaching the track team, ” Swart said. They can practice and participate in races against different schools like Jefferson or Xavier for a medal.


Swart always works so hard for children to show their potential and to show that everyone has the ability to do something great. He wants to show kids that they don’t have to be afraid so that they can show how much they have learned.


“I work in the success center for kids so they can have a better education,” Swart said.