Bohemian Rhapsody Review

Freddie Mercury.

Freddie Mercury.

Ashton Phelps, Journalist

November 2nd, 2018 was the release of Bohemian Rhapsody, the story of Freddie Mercury and Queen.


Overall the movie was a fantastic display of Freddie Mercury’s life.  I was concerned prior to watching the movie that it would simply be a highlight reel, only showing the bright side of his life.  Although it did show many of his brilliant moments, it also showed some of his darker experiences.


The movie starts with Freddie, the child of Indian immigrants who are outcasts to the English people.  He had stumbled into a band playing at a bar that just so happened to be the night the lead singer quit.  Mercury offered himself as the new lead singer and was accepted in which leads to my first complaint; there are areas of the film that are historically inaccurate.


Some parts of the movie are altered from reality to better fit the frame.  In reality, Freddie was friends with the lead singer who had quit which had helped him get his foot in the door as a lead singer.  That isn’t the only inconsistency, there are more minor inconsistencies but even through that the movie still captured a great essence of Freddie and the band.


The key component of the movie is, of course, the music. Queen’s most popular songs are played in the background. During the live aid concert, they are able to perfectly lip-sync the real concert audio to the actor portraying Freddie, pretty impressive right?


The strongest part of the movie was after Freddie left the band and had realized that the band is his true family.  The band rallies back together and Freddie reveals that he has AIDs, the band hugs it out, and Queen then assembles to perform at the Live Aid concert which is considered one of the most epic live performances in history.


One beef I have with the movie is that it’s centered around Freddie Mercury.  We get it, Freddie Mercury is a cross-dressing star who has the voice range of a god and enjoys overindulging on alcohol.  I would love to see more of Brian May, Rodger Taylor, and John Deacon. I could care less about Freddie Mercury getting wasted on his couch while writing a solo album for CBS.


Overall, Bohemian Rhapsody was a fantastic movie to shine a light on Freddie Mercury, showing how many of Queen’s most popular songs were made and the story behind them.  I would rate this movie a 9/10 on my rating scale. If you like Freddie Mercury or you just want to see a movie about a misfit making music, this is a must watch movie.