Haunted Halloween (Goosebumps II)

Haunted Halloween (Goosebumps II)

Kirk Hulseberg and Jamison Day

Have you ever seen a movie that has a walking, talking, ventriloquist dummy? What could happen? Goosebumps II – which released about three years after the original Goosebumps movie – but time has not lost its spooky appeal.


The story’s main characters are Sarah, Sonny, and Sam. Sonny and Sam’s small-town junk business has their first job to junk a house and look for any treasures, but instead, they find a curse in the form of a book.


Opening the strange book, a ventriloquist dummy appears out of nowhere. The puppet named Slappy came with a note in its pocket saying, “Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano,” which summons an evil soul into the puppet.


They read the curse out loud; little did they know it brought upon their own demise. When a crazy puppet wants to be a part of your family, you don’t want to make him angry.


Returning actor Jack Black, that played R.L. Stine in the first movie, comes back to play as the Goosebumps book writer once again. Black’s role was short, but a well-acted role in the final scenes of Goosebumps II.


Goosebumps II’s main message about family against all odds was represented well in the movie. Sarah doesn’t believe her brother Sonny when he says the puppet has come alive, then she later starts to understand him. The bond that grows between Sonny and Sarah in their quest to stop the dummy, is a well-added addition to the story.


Sitting down in the theater, we at the Hawk Talk News Entertainment Team did not hear anyone shout, gasp, jump or other signs of surprise or shock in the theater. The lack of scary content makes it a good movie for kids, but it is still entertaining for adults with its attention to detail and contrast to characters.


The movie had ghouls and ghost come to life in the chance of a lifetime and a science project that blew up. A cool scene of the film was when Sonny sent electricity through the air and it turned on a lightbulb from the other side of the room! Now that’s a Tesla coil for you.


Goosebumps II was interesting to watch and had a good story for the setting. It takes place in a suburban town, like other horror movies do – like “Halloween” – a story about a serial killer. Effects brought characters and creatures alive to viewers, the use of background characters also helped to keep you fixed to your seat.


Overall the Hawk Talk News Entertainment Team rates the movie Goosebumps II three out of five ventriloquist dummies.