Prairie Poms heads to Xavier to Continue Winning Streak

Prairie Poms heads to Xavier to Continue Winning Streak

Alyssa Mulherin, Journalist

Prairie J.V. Poms will be competing Saturday, November 17th at Xavier High School.


This year was the first time the J.V. team was able to go to UDA camp on Iowa state’s campus where they received all blue ribbons, and had a spirit stick all four nights they attended.


On October 14th, the team competed at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.


“At our first competition we got first, and we have high hopes for upcoming competitions,” Junior member Lindsey Weig said.


J.V. Poms has been working on perfecting their technique and routines since June of this year. They don’t have a large amount of competitions, but they will be attending Regionals in Minnesota.


“Doing well at Regionals is probably our main goal, because we don’t have a State [competition] or Nationals,” Sophomore Emma March said.


Prairie Poms is a growing program that continues to succeed every year. J.V. Poms went undefeated last season, and they are hoping they have the same success this year.


The program holds their own competition every year called Stack the Stands, and the teams perform for exhibition. Even though they don’t compete, they still receive feedback on ways to perfect their routines.  


“We got great feedback at Stack the Stands on our home turf,” Weig said.


Throughout the season, the girls find times to have team bonding and small get-togethers during their busy schedules.


“It’s nice to have an extra family, kinda like a bonus family,” March said.


J.V. Poms practices twice a week for two hours after school. However, the hours mean nothing to the girls as they want to do the best they can when they compete with their routines.


“It’s rewarding when you do good because you know that hard work pays off,” Rieff said.


When J.V. hits the floor this Saturday, they hope to show their audience what they have been working for all season.