Almost, Maine Review!


Almost, Maine cast.

Kaylee Coquyt, Journalist

“Almost, Maine”, the High School’s fall play this year, premiered on November 9th and 10th on Friday and Saturday this past weekend. And boy did it deliver, with 9 stunning stories to follow, all with relatable and goofy characters, as we watched hilarity and love take the stage!


“Almost, Maine” takes place in a town called Almost in, get this, Maine! Almost being a town that “never got around to gettin’ organized” so they’re just… Almost. A setting of a snowy evening with the northern lights set a cozy scene as we saw 19 characters fall in and out of love in the same 10 minutes.


From repairing a broken heart, and getting hit with an ironing board, both quite literally, to tricking a painting in order to see it’s picture, It’s no surprise why Almost, Maine is the most popular full length play in high schools right now, according to the NPR Ed.


With love being the underlying focus of the play it was only fitting to show both the ups and downs, as two scenes were focused on falling out of love instead.


While every scene was well performed and caused great amounts of laughter from the audience, the two focused on heartbreak, “Where it went” with Noah Miller and Lydia Walter, and “Story of Hope” with Ethan Roberts and Alice Cruse were indeed heartbreaking while still allowing a few moments of silliness even through the heartbreak stole the spotlight.


An overarching story that lasted all through the play with Cole Hurley as Pete, and Mari Dawley as Ginette, kept the stories moving along and showed love and loneliness as their story slowly played out until the light hearted end!


Being the nice lovely play “Almost, Maine” is perceived as, it was not entirely expected when dark undertones set in with some dark comedy and even more background on the characters.


In “This Hurts” featuring Kyle Cook as Steve and Sophia Perez as Marvalyn, despite it’s comedic effects of multiple hits to the head with an ironing board it showed the pain in love and the dark comedy of being surrounded by people who aren’t good for you.

Though there were moments of sadness and darkness, “Almost, Maine” finished out the play with a spectacular ending story. “Seeing the thing” Featured Kellyn Howell as Rhonda and Wyatt Heisterkamp as Dave. A great way to finish it off with a hilarious, happily ending story!


As the curtains closed on “Almost, Maine” we also see them close on the last play for the seniors this year at prairie. So thank you to Trent Barden, Kellyn Howell, Wyatt Heisterkamp, Kyle Cook, Noah Miller, Nicole Adams, Katie Redden, Ashley Kientoff, Joanna Moody, Caroline Sherman, Calvin Chadima, and Lydia Walter for sharing your talents for one last fall play!

And thanks to Kellyn Howell and Ashley Kientoff for not only acting in the play but taking charge and being student directors, adding even more character to it! I’m sure we can all say “HEY (Rhonda) GUYS! WE LIKE YOU!”

If Almost, Maine was any indicator of what we’ll be seeing out of prairie productions this year, we’re all in for a ride! 🙂