John Lukasko

John Lukasko

Laurdyn Meyer, Journalist

John Lukasko has been a high school gym instructor for the past 35 years and one of Prairie’s most passionate teachers.


His first teaching job was at BCL.  He started his career in 1983 and went into physical education. Which this was no surprise for him since he wrestled and played football in high school and went on to college football.


“I love physical education and had great gym teachers and that’s why I knew this profession was for me”, Lukasko commented.


Lukasko’s love for teaching started his Sophomore year of high school and ever since then, he’s known this was his path.


“Hopefully my passion will instill a passion inside of them and for them to want to make fitness a lifetime journey,” Lukasko said.


Every class period Lukasko meets with each student and makes sure they’re challenging themselves, by working on their techniques and encouraging them throughout this whole process.


No matter what your abilities are Lukasko is the type of teacher to make sure you continue to progress.


“Every Year I give my spiel that I don’t care how smart you are, what kind of job (you have), house you live in but if you don’t have your health basically all of that is cut short,” Lukasko said.


Students trust Lukasko’s process for success because they know that he is an engaged teacher who only wants the best for them.