Year After Year Ms. Joleen Dake

Year After Year Ms. Joleen Dake

Jamison Day, Journalist

Ms. Joleen Dake’s teaching career has been a long and eventful one after her graduation from Prairie High School in 1991. Dake is teaching English and Senior Seminar for her 23rd year, and she’s still giving the same commitment year after year.


After earning her teaching degree from the University of Iowa, Dake got her first teaching job at Fort Dodge High School. Dake moved back to Cedar Rapids to later teach at Washington High School, and after three years she was offered a job at Prairie.


Dake’s two sons John and Jordan make up the most important parts of her life. With Dake being a teacher and a single mother to her kids, it has been an ongoing challenge for her. Dake’s parents are always supportive and willing to help her raise her sons, so she can continue working as a teacher.


“I feel that my sons have made me a better teacher because I am able to better understand a student’s perspective and struggles,” she said.


Dake’s dedication to education and her students shows at the beginning of every year when she gives a written pledge to all of her students. The meaning behind the pledge is to show the dedication to success.


Dake sees the potential of every student. With years of teaching experience and her commitment and dedication to education and her students, Dake has held and will always hold her pledge and her promise.


“I love working with kids and every year I learn just as much from them as I hope they learn from me. I always believe that you can do anything as long as you believe you can learn and are willing to try. It’s this belief that I emphasize to all my students throughout the school year,” Dake explained.