Englert Theatre Nutcracker


Ashton Phelps , Journalist

On Saturday, December 1st, Iowa City’s Englert Theatre hosted Nutcracker and the Four Realms musical. Has the Nutcracker continued to meet its high expectations in Iowa City as a classical musical?


The Nutcracker is a classical ballet that has been around for over a century, with music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – a Russian composer who lived in the mid-1800s.


The group performing the Nutcracker was from Coralville’s Nolte Academy. Nolte has been in business for 19 years, has 172 classes and 30 specialized instructors, proving that they are well equipped to handle a classical ballet such as the Nutcracker.


The Nutcracker featured over 150 dancers and many amazing musicians, including Mauro Villanueva, a veteran artist, and ballet director.


Nolte performed the World’s Fair version of the Nutcracker, which is my personal favorite.  The music was perfectly in harmony, having few to no flaws during the live performance.


The ballet was very impressive, showing off some well developed athletic ability.  Even the children were even featured doing small dances on the stage towards the start of the play.


This year’s Nutcracker undoubtedly lived up to the tradition of the classical ballet and will continue for years to come.