California’s Worst Wildfires in History

California's Worst Wildfires in History

Laurdyn Meyer and Logan Kalous

How would you feel if everything you ever worked for was jeopardized? Your home, family, memories, everything suddenly gone? This is what majority of Californian citizens felt on November 8th as fires took over cities and towns, forcing 52,000 citizens to evacuate their homes.


2018 has been the most destructive wildfire season in record for California, as 7,579 fires burn in an area of over 1.6 million acres.


7,600 homes have been destroyed in these scorching fires along with multiple celebrity homes. Gerard Butler and Neil Young are among the ones that have gotten their homes stolen.


With that many evacuated, there are at least 1,200 more people unaccounted for as well as 80 found dead, with numbers rising.


Although these fires have taken a toll on California these past year, Californians have not given up hope. So many have already donated money to this cause and many organizations have funding projects set up. Citizens in communities are coming together in hopes to fight these fires.


Miley Cyrus’ home was one taken by the fires as well. She has donated and given $500,000 to stop the fires, despite her home being taken from her.


Pepperdine University, located in Malibu, CA chose not to evacuate, however. They were in a decently close proximity to the Woolsey fire, and officials had decided to keep students on campus, and are getting some backfire from the decision.


Pepperdine has their own fundraiser, called ‘#PepperdineStrong.’ They have raised $325,000 already, in hopes of helping.


Those are just some examples of citizens of California coming together, as one.


As the senator stated, to try and bring California together as one,


“This (the wildfires) are not about politics. It’s about people.”


You can help by donating to California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund or American Red Cross or #PepperdineStrong,

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