School Funding


Ashton Phelps, Journalist

School Funding In Iowa

The recent conclusion of the mid-term elections has resulted in another Republican favored state, but how will this affect your child’s education?


Iowa has leaned right for the past two elections, so this is how it’s affecting educational funds. Many Republicans claim to increase support on public educational funds, but is this really the case?


Erik Anderson, the Principal of Prairie High school, broke down school spending.  He explained that public schools have two components to their funding system: SSA (Supplemental School Aid) and a general fund.  SSA is essentially a school credit card; it tells you how much you can spend but it’s not how much money the school actually has.


The problem with the current state rule is that the state has increased the SSA spending (School Credit Card) but they haven’t increased school budgets.


According to the Huffington Post, 91% of children K-12 in the United States are enrolled in public schools, so statewide funding is vital to the majority of children in the US.


The recent years at Prairie High School have shown its need to expand, classes have been packed past their limit, and some classes even have waiting lists.  In the past, Prairie has even cut programs off of their curriculum due to lack of state funding.


“I’d like to see more support so we can be leaner (In classroom size), being able to have more teachers on staff,”  Anderson concluded.